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 Sales & Distribution Network

In order to serve her customers in the best possible way, THARROS S.A. builds a sales network, which covers the whole domestic market, West Europe the Balkan region, Cyprus, Malta and North Africa.

 The qualitative manufacturing philosophy combined with the good price let the company obtain not only the customers’ confidence but also many advantages compared to the competitors.

Since 1968 manufactures THARROS S.A. hard steel nails, steel hooks, drive pins, concrete nails, construction nails etc, suitable for any fastening proposal. 

Philosophy / Intention / Goal

Philosophy of firm THARROS is the creation of excellent and substantial business relationship and confidence with her suppliers and her clients, which aims at reciprocal long term profits.

Intention of THARROS S.A. is the full apprehension of her client’s needs. Goal of THARROS S.A. is to meet rapidly and accurate clients’ needs

THARROS S.A. is constantly trying to respond to the new challenges of the market by improving her structure as well as her technology.